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Legacy Village of Jacksonville Honors Distinguished Survivor of WWII, Korea and Vietnam, as V-J Day Approaches, Aug. 14

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JACKSONVILLE, Ala. – Retired U.S. Marine Gunnery Sgt. Denzel Campbell, age 92, is a rare find among men.

Campbell served in three of the United States’ major military engagements during the 20th century: World War II, Korea and Vietnam. It is estimated that only 50,000 American servicemen and women served in all three conflicts, with 3,000 alive today.

Watch a short video clip where Denzel Campbell, 92, of Jacksonville, AL, recalls his unique place in American history: “I got shot at in all three of them.”

It is easy to see why Legacy Village of Jacksonville, where Campbell lives, is honoring him as we approach the acknowledgement of the American and Allied victory over Japan, also known as “V-J Day,” Aug. 14.

A special viewing of the full-length video will be held for residents, family members and friends of the community on V-J Day, Thursday, Aug. 14, at 3:30 p.m. at Legacy Village of Jacksonville, 1116 James Hopkins Road SW, Jacksonville . Refreshments will be served.

“Mr. Campbell’s service to our country is beyond compare, and we consider it a great privilege to serve him with honor, respect faith and integrity,” says Clint Holyfield, Legacy Village of Jacksonville’s executive director. “After hearing Mr. Campbell’s story and getting to know him on a more personal level, it is easy to see why he and his peers were dubbed America’s Greatest Generation.”

Campbell, born in 1922, joined the U.S. Marine Corp in 1942, and was part of the four-day Battle for Midway; a crucial win for the U.S. Navy over the Japanese for control of the Pacific Ocean during World War II.

After returning, in 1945, from his service in WWII, Campbell later joined the the U.S. Army and was sent to Korea, where he served from 1950-1952.

Campbell completed his military career after serving at Camp Carroll, a key Marine Corps artillery base near the Demilitarized Zone, during the Vietnam conflict from 1968-1970.

“I got shot at in all three of them, but I didn’t get hit,” Campbell said. “I wouldn’t want to do it again.”

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About Legacy Village of Jacksonville

Located in beautiful Jacksonville, Ala., Legacy Village of Jacksonville offers a full range of assisted living and Alzheimer’s care services in a safe, attentive, homelike atmosphere. Legacy Village is committed to serving the greatest generation with honor, respect, faith and integrity. For more information on assisted living or Alzheimer’s care in the Gadsden Ala., area, visit

Legacy Village of Jacksonville is among a network of seven senior living communities throughout the Southeast owned and/or operated by Legacy Senior Services, LLC, of Cleveland, Tenn. The parent company specializes in offering independent living, assisted living, and Alzheimer’s care services. It was founded in 2002 by Barry Ray and Bryan Cook, senior living industry veterans. For more information, visit

Legacy Village of Jacksonville
Media Contact: Nicole Smith, Community Relations Director
1116 James Hopkins Road SW
Jacksonville, AL 36265
(256) 782-0960


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Papa Ganja Partners With Werc Shop For Orange County Medical Marijuana Testing

Papa Ganja Collective offers pure, pharmaceutical-grade marijuana for those who need an easy, safe and legal way to purchase this drug. Now, Papa Ganja is excited to partner with the Werc Shop in Pasadena to provide testing for all medical marijuana varieties.

While the Papa Ganja Collective as seen at promises to provide top-quality medical marijuana for members, it is not possible to keep this promise without testing to be sure that all products are pure, clean and contain the proper amount of THC. Now, Papa Ganja is partnering with The Werc Shop, located at , to test all medical marijuana.

Before selling Orange County medical marijuana as seen at , Papa Ganja sends samples to The Werc Shop for testing. The Werc Shop offers the services of a team of Ph.D. scientists who have created the Certified Cannabaceuticals™ program that uses the latest methods to test all medical marijuana before it is distributed. Before any Orange County medical marijuana delivery as seen at , Papa Ganja allows this team to test the quality of all medical marijuana offered by the collective.

The Werc Shop tests for THC quantity, the chemical composition of the marijuana and for the presence of any pesticides. By certifying every sample as safe and within the legal limits for drug quantities, The Werc Shop helps Papa Ganja provide medical marijuana for Orange County residents that is guaranteed to provide medical benefits in an effective way.

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MPG to VOB Converter Launched

MPG to VOB Converter lets users convert MPG files into VOB format so that they can be viewed on DVDs.

People often get videos in MPG formats and although there is nothing wrong with that, trouble starts when one has to watch movies and other videos on DVDs. That’s where VOB files come into the picture and that’s also the reason behind their popularity. But what does one do when MPG files have to be converted into the latter format?

Of course there’s the option of calling the professionals to handle the task, but it’s time consuming. There are expensive tools in the market that not everyone can afford. MPG to VOB Converter on the other hand is free and claims to do the job professionally and in double quick time, which is an added bonus.

This converter was clearly created to handle the responsibility of these file conversions and it does the job well. It is very simple to download and things only get easier from there on. Users who might have no experience whatsoever of working with any kind of conversion tools can make the most of the options it offers them and get started at the earliest.

One good thing about this converter is that it has an intuitive interface. It is neat and clean without any fancy frills. Users can get used to it at the earliest and convert files in a matter of minutes. The output quality of the VOB files is also top notch, which is why they can be viewed on DVDs without a problem later.

About MPG to VOB Converter

MPG to VOB Converter ensures that users can convert MPG files into VOB without any professional help.

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Best Garcinia Cambogia Extract Product May Come in 65% HCA Levels and Zero Fillers and Binders

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Orlando, Florida – For consumers to find the best Garcinia Cambogia extract product, they are advised to look for a Garcinia Cambogia supplement that contains 65% HCA and that does not contain fillers and binders.

HCA is the active ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia , and how much of the compound a product contains is a key factor in its efficacy. HCA is believed to help boost metabolism and inhibit the formation of fat. It may also enhance one’s mood and suppress appetite. And, a supplement that has 65% HCA may help consumers experience the most of these benefits.

Another key factor that consumers have to take into consideration when choosing a Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss supplement is whether or not it contains fillers and binders. Supplements taken as capsules may be added with fillers and binders to make the capsules big enough for the human hands to handle. These fillers and binders may slow down the absorption of the ingredients found in a supplement, however.

One example of a supplement that possesses these key factors is Choice Nutrition Supplements Garcinia Cambogia Extreme . Made in the USA in a GMP certified and FDA approved facility, it contains 65% HCA, made of natural ingredients, and free of fillers and binders.

“Many studies have shown promise. One randomized placebo-controlled study followed 60 obese persons for 8 weeks. With a calorie-restricted diet (1200 kcal/day) and an HCA dose of 1320 mg/day, the experimental group lost an average of 14 pounds (compared to 6.1 pounds in the placebo group). The participants also noted reduced appetite.” – The Dr. Oz Show

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Books, Authors, and Artists Teams Up With Video Production Agency

Louisville – Publisher Books, Authors, And Artists (BAA) has chosen New Frame, LLC to handle the creation of their video content. This is a continuation of BAA’s move towards creating multi-media marketing content to promote their titles.

BAA has released book trailers before, and since they were well received by fans, they have decided to invest more into them. BAA was introduced to New Frame, LLC by newly signed author Bonnie Vause, who is also using New Frame’s services.

New Frame, LLC is a team of five professionals based in North Carolina, all of them with many years of experience in their respective fields. They offer many ways to connect with an audience, from websites to social media, to video production and newsletter design and distribution.

Astrid Gay, publicist for Books, Authors, and Artists, says, “I really believe that authors need multimedia content to market their books. Virtual book tours with simple blog posts and reviews are not enough anymore, because everyone is doing it. You need pictures, audio, and video to make it interesting to potential readers.

“New Frame will develop professional video trailers for our upcoming titles. Moreover, what is advantageous, from a commercial point of view, is they are an exceptional value.

“BAA introduced multimedia content to their fans last year, by organizing virtual book tours and releasing selected book trailers. Adding the debuting North Carolina acclaimed educator and children’s advocate demands a level of professionalism and artistry which New Frame, LLC will fulfill.”

“New Frame is excited to join with Books, Authors, and Artists to promote the creativity of its published authors and artists,” said Brian Lewis, New Frame’s owner and lead digital filmmaker. “Our production team creates compelling stories through digital film and websites and a partnership with BAA means new and imaginative films bringing more loyal readers to our published authors.”

The first video New Frame produced for Books, Authors, and Artists describes Fast Escape, by Bonnie W. Vause . The Fast Escape book trailer may be seen on YouTube .

About Books, Authors, and Artists

Books, Authors, And Artists is the publishing division of internet marketing KY, LLC. It specializes in book publication by enhancing the public awareness of selected authors, both new and previously published. Additionally, visual artists who participate by creating graphics and artwork are featured.

For more information, please contact Astrid Gay, book publicist, via email at Astrid [at] You can also visit the website at

About New Frame, LLC

New Frame, LLC is a new lobbying and communications firm in North Carolina, USA, unlike any other in the state. New Frame combines social media, one-on-one advocacy, and digital video to deliver powerful messages accessible for all budget levels.

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Astrid Gay, Publicist
Books, Authors, and Artists
Louisville, KY 40204, USA

Vitamin B12 Liquid Supplement May Contribute to the Maintenance of the Nervous System

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Orlando, Florida – The nervous system is one of the major systems in the body. As such, it should be maintained as much as possible. Otherwise, one may suffer from neurodegenerative diseases which can be life-threatening. One can keep their nervous system healthy by making sure that they have sufficient levels of Vitamin B12 in their body, which can be achieved by taking a Vitamin B12 liquid supplement .

The vitamin is considered as one of the most complex among the B complex vitamins. Lack of it can be caused by one’s diet, age, or certain medical conditions such as pernicious anemia and atrophic gastritis. Just like any other vitamin, it is not naturally synthesized in the body. One may get it from their diet, although they may only get it from animal sources such as meat, shellfish, eggs, and milk.

One of the most important roles of Vitamin B12 is that it is essential for myelination or the building of myelin sheaths. These sheaths provide protection to the nerves and help the nerves function properly. Thus, deficiency of the vitamin can lead to the failure of the building of myelin sheaths, which may consequently lead to permanent nerve damage. As such, one should see to it that they have sufficient levels of the vitamin in their body, and they can do that with the help of a Vitamin B12 liquid supplement.

One supplement that consumers can trust is Choice Nutrition Supplements Vitamin B-12 Complex sublingual liquid drops. Made in the USA in a GMP certified and FDA inspected facility, it is a safe and practical option for making sure that one gets enough levels of the vitamin they need to maintain their nervous system and their overall health for that matter.

“I’d been receiving B-12 injections at the doctor’s office for the diagnosis of fatigue and tingling in the legs. A friend suggested that I try this product and I switched to the Vitamin B-12 Complex Sublingual for convenience. I am glad I did. I really feel this has helped my energy level would highly recommend this product.” – Brenda, Choice Nutrition Supplements Vitamin B-12 Complex User

About Choice Nutrition Supplements:

Choice Nutrition Supplements is one of the top producers of 100 percent natural health products which are made to aid in promoting healthy lifestyles by preventing illness and improving the body’s vital functions. Choice Nutrition Supplements only uses highly efficient and safe natural ingredients in order to assure optimum health. Choice Nutrition Supplements is dedicated to providing its customers not only dietary supplements but also information that is geared towards living longer, healthier and happier lives.

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